Our Services

Healthcare facilities require extra care when it comes to providing Audio/Video technology throughout. Security, privacy and sound ethics are a necessity in this environment. On-the-ground experience in all aspects of those needs is what sets EAV apart. Some of the services we provide are: digital signage in lobby & waiting rooms, DirecTV from a head-end system providing patient TV’s with programming as well as added content to in-house channels and control of A/V for training rooms, conference rooms and auditoriums. All these services are customized for your needs and budget. We work with administrators, staff and other vendors to make sure your project gets done with accuracy in an expedient manner.

Conference Room

Your staff deserves an efficient, productive and clear cut way to present their work. We can provide an automation system making it possible for virtually everything in your conference room to work together. From lights to thermostats, TVs to projectors, sound systems to video collaboration, we bring the conference room at your healthcare facility into the 21st century.

Doctors Consult

With modern A/V technology, doctors, nurses and laboratory staff can connect with each other, patients and even a specialist in another facility. It is our goal to help maintain the same high level of professionalism as your staff uses in collaboration with their patients.

Head End Satellite TV

With a new, HD satellite Head End system, your facility can manage the large scale operation of every TV in the building, or even multiple properties within your healthcare community. Content is securely delivered to patient room TV’s or set-top boxes. Content is always protected using Pro:Idiom technology encryption output over existing RF coax or an ethernet IP network. It includes channel line-up configuration, receiver failover, channel prioritization and troubleshooting features to maximize system uptime and viewer satisfaction.

Lobby & Waiting Room

Designed as a visitor’s first point of contact with a facility, a lobby or waiting room must send the message, “Welcome. We’re glad you’re here.” With digital signage and video walls, we can provide information and directions, always keeping your healthcare brand at the forefront. Waiting rooms filled with magazines are a thing of the past, displays can both entertain and inform, creating an experience that is positive as opposed to the unappealing “wait time” feeling in the lobby.

Patient Rooms

Making a patient as comfortable as possible during their recovery is a major goal that is helped along with the right Audio/Video. Healthcare facilities are recognizing the need for larger, high-definition TV’s and a wide range of programming for the modern patient. Integrating with the nurse call remote, audio and channel changing can bolster the patient’s control of their entertainment, and provide them with a more home-like experience.

Training Rooms

Any healthcare facility recognizes the need to have a strategic plan for growth, training and development of its professionals, and Audio/Video is a key element. To support this growth plan, we can add capabilities to increase the functionality in your training rooms. To make these demonstrations easier, the instructor can use a wireless headset leaving their hands free, while also ensuring they will be heard through flush mounted ceiling speakers above each workstation. With a touch screen display, the presenter can select a source for each screen/display, individuals can be engaged with laptops at their seats, and control of lighting and audio can be set to automatically adjust for classes.