4 Ways To Smarten Up Your Healthcare Space With Audio and Video Distribution

These days, some of your staff or patients may never come into the office, as remote work and healthcare connections become an attractive alternative for both workers and employers. But when you have a remote staff or client base that means you need to be able to connect with them regularly, which is why your office needs an updated audio and video distribution system.

Making your healthcare office smarter will help employees both on and off-site. And with enhanced communication, you’ll have higher productivity and do more business. Make things run smoother at your healthcare facility and reap these four benefits.

  1. Deliver Different Entertainment Options

With just the touch of a button, you can have audio and video playing in your waiting area that is different from the audio in your patient rooms. Have any TVs set to the same or different channels, and change them from anywhere.

  1. Shut Down With A Button

Don’t accidentally leave music playing or a TV on when you have your audio and video systems controlled by a hub. Easily turn things on in the morning or off at night, whether you're in the office or not.

  1. Quickly Share Information

With an intercom system, you can quickly let employees or patients know if they are needed. With the right audio distribution, your smart office system will ensure that your message isn’t competing with sounds from music or TV.

  1. Stay Plugged In

There is nothing worse than getting a last-minute appointment request and fumbling to get your room’s audio and video system working. With a smart office, you don’t need to worry about plugging things in; you can press a button and connect directly with the information that matters.

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