Having security cameras installed in your Orange County healthcare facility will help make sure your employees, patients, and valuable assets and data are protected. Modern cameras can provide you with a live feed that you can view at the office or even via an app when you’re away from it. Should something ever happen, you’ll have a full visual record to help resolve the situation immediately.

But having security cameras also means that your employees and every patient who walks through your door are recorded as well. And that can lead to some tricky grounds to navigate when it comes to whether or not you can legally install cameras in your California healthcare space.

Can You Use Security Cameras in U.S. Healthcare Facilities?

There is no explicit law in the US that prohibits you from installing cameras in your workplace. However, if the cameras aren’t clearly visible to employees and you haven’t told employees about them, you could be vulnerable in certain states.

Can You Use Security Cameras in California Healthcare Spaces?

You are allowed to place security cameras in your California facility so long as you are doing so for security purposes, which means you cannot put cameras or use two-way mirrors in places like bathrooms, changing rooms, or other similar areas.

Keep in mind that California requires two-party consent for both audio and video recordings, so try to avoid installing cameras in areas where employees, visitors, or patients may gather for private conversation.

Where Can I Place Security Cameras In A Healthcare Facility?

It’s generally a good idea to keep your cameras to places where they will serve their purpose — security. Front and rear entrances and any other means of egress are potential entry points for theft. Your waiting room is also an ideal place to monitor to ensure that no unruly patient injuries or disrupts everyone else.

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